Why Use Zinc Alloys: The Advantages and Benefits

With so many metal options out there, how do you know which one to choose?

At YouShun we mostly work with Zinc Alloys, as they are the superior option for the products we produce, compared to most cast irons, cast aluminum, magnesium, bronze and plastics. The most notable overall effect of working with Zinc Alloys are that they create superior products while saving you both time and money.

Why work with Zinc Alloy?

The benefits of Zinc Alloy are numerous, so we have listed them for you below:

  1. Manual assembly operations not necessary
    Because entire assemblies of Zinc Alloy can be cast as a single unit, you can greatly reduce assembly operations.
  2. Flexibility in production quantity
    Due to a variety of casting processes available when working with Zinc Alloy, it is economically viable to manufacture at high, medium or low production.
  3. Less raw material required
    Zinc Alloy is both strong and light, even in lower quantities. This allows us to create thinner walling and use less raw materials in production, saving money.
  4. No more bushings or bearings
    Secondary fabrication costs are reduced and a greater flexibility in design are afforded by Zinc’s excellent bearing and wear properties, which eliminates small bushings and wear inserts.
  5. Reduce or eliminate machining operations
    Zinc Alloys have much better net shape casting capabilities than other metals, and because of this machining can be reduced or even eliminated all together.
  6. Longer tool life and faster production
    Tooling and machine usage charges are dramatically reduced due to Zinc’s long tool life, which often exceeds 1 million parts, and super fast die casting production rates.

If you have any questions about the reasons to use Zinc Alloy, or would like our advice on the topic, please leave a comment below or email us!

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